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IDDateSpeakerTitle and ReferenceLink
35011/01/2015Doug LiaoEzra 7:1-10Play this
34910/25/2015Ward CowieEzra 6:16-22Play this
34810/18/2015Ward CowieEzra 6:1-15Play this
34710/11/2015Ward CowieEzra 3:8-13Play this
34610/04/2015Doug LiaoJohn 2:13-17Play this
34509/27/2015Doug LiaoJohn 2:1-11Play this
34409/20/2015Ward CowieJohn 1:43-51Play this
34309/13/2015Ward CowieJohn 1:35-42Play this
34209/06/2015Ward CowieJohn 1:29-34Play this
34108/30/2015Doug LiaoJohn 1:19-2:12Play this
34008/23/2015Ward CowieNumbers 9:15-10:2Play this
33908/16/2015Linda HieplerEphesians 1:3-14Play this
33808/09/2015Ward CowieNumbers 6:1-21Play this
33708/02/2015Ward CowieColossians 4:7-18Play this
33607/26/2015Doug LiaoColossians 4:2-6; "Thankful Prayer Bootcamp"Play this
33507/19/2015Simeon ElibaccusColossians 3:22-4:1Play this
33407/12/2015Ward CowieColossians 3:18-21Play this
33307/05/2015Ward CowieColossians 3:15-17Play this
33207/28/2015Ward CowieColossians 3:12-14Play this
33107/21/2015Ward CowieColossians 3:5-41Play this
33006/14/2015Ward CowieColossians 3:2-4Play this
32906/07/2015Ward CowieColossians 3:1-4Play this
32805/31/2015Doug LiaoMark 5:1-20Play this
32705/24/2015Doug LiaoLuke 3:21-22, 4:1-13Play this
32605/17/2015Doug LiaoMark 8:22-26Play this
32505/10/2015Doug LiaoMatthew 15:21-28Play this
32405/03/2015Ward CowieRomans 8:31-34Play this
32304/26/2015Ward CowieRomans 6:1-14Play this
32204/19/2015Ward CowieRomans 4:16-25Play this
32104/12/2015Winston PrattJohn 11:17-27Play this
32004/05/2015Ward CowieLuke 24:36-49; Easter SundayPlay this
31903/29/2015Ward CowieExodus 6:14-7:11; Palm SundayPlay this
31803/22/2015Ward CowieExodus 5:22-6:13; Lent 5Play this
31703/15/2015Doug LiaoExodus 4:29-5:23; Lent 4Play this
31603/08/2015Doug LiaoExodus 4:10-17; Lent 3Play this
31503/01/2015Ward CowieExodus 4:1-9; Lent 2Play this
31402/22/2015Ward CowieExodus 3:13-22; Lent 1Play this
31302/15/2015Ward CowieExodus 3:1-12; "Transfiguration Sunday"Play this
31202/09/2015Zambia TeamZambia SundayPlay this
31102/01/2015Ward CowieExodus 2:11-25Play this
31001/25/2015Doug LiaoExodus 1:15-2:10; "Reimagined"Play this
30901/18/2015Doug LiaoExodus 1:1-14; "And... But..."Play this
30801/15/2015Kurt Krieger and Ward CowieMemorial Service for Bev KriegerPlay this
30701/11/2015Ward CowieGenesis 50:22-26Play this
30601/04/2015Winston PrattPsalm 90Play this
30512/28/2014Ward CowieMatthew 2:16-23; First Sunday After ChristmasPlay this
30412/24/2014Ward CowieChristmas Eve 10pm ServicePlay this
30312/24/2014Ward CowieChristmas Eve 7pm ServicePlay this
30212/21/2014Ward CowieMatthew 2:13-15; Advent #4 LovePlay this
30112/14/2014Ward CowieMatthew 2:9-12; Advent #3 JoyPlay this