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IDDateSpeakerTitle and ReferenceLink
30012/07/2014Ward CowieMatthew 2:3-8; Advent #2 PeacePlay this
29911/30/2014Ward CowieMatthew 2:1-2; Advent #1 HopePlay this
29811/23/2014Ward CowieRevelation 22:6-13; "The King Is Coming Soon"Play this
29711/16/2014Ward CowieRevelation 22:1-5; "The Curse Is Reversed"Play this
29611/09/2014Ward CowieRevelation 21:1-6; "All Things Are Made New"Play this
29511/02/2014Ward CowieRevelation 20:1-3; "The Devil Is Destroyed"Play this
29410/26/2014Doug Liao1 King 17:10-24Play this
29310/19/2014Doug Liao1 King 17:1-10aPlay this
29210/12/2014Ward Cowie1 Peter 2:9-10; "Jesus Take The Wheel part #5"Play this
29110/05/2014Ward Cowie1 Peter 1:10-13; "Jesus Take The Wheel part #4"Play this
29009/28/2014Ward CowiePeter 1:7-9; "Jesus Take The Wheel Part 3"Play this
28909/21/2014Ward Cowie1 Peter 1:3-5; "Jesus, Take the Wheel" Part 2Play this
28809/14/2014Ward Cowie1 Peter 1:1-2; "Jesus, Take the Wheel" Part 1Play this
28709/07/2014Ward CowieLuke 7:40-8:3; "Jesus, friend of the grateful"Play this
28608/31/2014Ward CowieLuke 7:18-30; "Jesus, friend of the disappointed"Play this
28508/24/2014Ward CowieLuke 7:11-17; "Jesus, friend of the broken"Play this
28408/17/2014Ward CowieLuke 7:1-10; "Jesus, friend of the follower"Play this
28308/10/2014Ward CowieLuke 7:31-50; "Jesus, friend of the sinner"Play this
28208/03/2014Kevin PentlandJohn 19:28-30Play this
28107/27/2014Brent WeickEkklesia Acts 2:1-47Play this
28007/20/2014Gerry DavisonHebrews 12:1-13Play this
27907/13/2014Simeon ElibaccusActs 18:1-11Play this
27807/06/2014Fay PuddicombeFinding Our Identity In ChristPlay this
27706/29/2014Ward CowieActs 17:10-15; "The More Noble Bereans"Play this
27606/22/2014Ward CowieActs 13:1-12; "Propelled By the Holy Spirit"Play this
27506/15/2014Ward CowieActs 11:19-30; "Aslan is on the move!", Trinity SundayPlay this
27406/08/2014Ward CowieActs 10:1-48; "The Gift of the Holy Spirit", Pentecost SundayPlay this
27306/01/2014Ward CowieActs 9:1-31; "Who Are You Lord?", Sunday After AscensionPlay this
27205/25/2014Ward CowieActs 8:26-40; “On His Way Rejoicing”, Ascension of Our LordPlay this
27105/18/2014Linda HieplerEphesians 1:3-11Play this
27005/11/2014Axel SchoeberColossians 1:15-20Play this
26905/04/2014Ward CowieActs 4:1-22Play this
26804/27/2014Ward CowieActs 3:19-26Play this
26704/20/2014Ward CowieActs 3:19-20; Vantage Points - (Easter Sunday)Play this
26604/13/2014Kurt KriegerMatthew 21:1-17 (Palm Sunday)Play this
26504/06/2014Ward CowieGalatians 6:2; Bear One Another’s Burdens - (Lent 5)Play this
26403/30/2014Ward CowieRomans 14:13; Do Not Pass Judgement On One Another - (Lent 4)Play this
26303/23/2014Ward CowieRomans 15:14; Instruct One Another - (Lent 3)Play this
26203/16/2014Tom LavigneJames 5:16; Pray For One Another - (Lent 2)Play this
26103/09/2014Ward CowieJames 5:16; Confess Your Sins To One Another - (Lent 1)Play this
26003/02/2014Jessica Bell2 Peter 1:16-21; Keats Camp Sunday - (Transfiguration Sunday)Play this
25902/23/2014Ward Cowie1 Peter 4:9; Show Hospitality To One AnotherPlay this
25802/16/2014Ward CowieRomans 16:16; Great One AnotherPlay this
25702/09/2014George Sears1 Thessalonians 5:15; Do Good To One AnotherPlay this
25602/02/2014Ward CowieRomans 12:16; Live In Harmony With One AnotherPlay this
25501/26/2014Ward Cowie1 Peter 5:5; Show Humility Towards One AnotherPlay this
25401/19/2014Ward Cowie1 Thessalonians 5:11; Encourage One AnotherPlay this
25301/12/2014Ward CowieJohn 13:31-35; Love One AnotherPlay this
25201/05/2014Stephanie PetersEphesians 4:32; Forgive One AnotherPlay this
25112/29/2013Ward CowieMatthew 1:18-20Play this