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IDDateSpeakerTitle and ReferenceLink
25012/24/2013Ward CowieChristmas 2013Play this
24912/22/2013Ward CowieMatthew 1:18-25Play this
24812/15/2013Ward CowieMatthew 1:7-17Play this
24712/08/2013Ward CowieMatthew 1:2-7Play this
24612/01/2013Ward CowieMatthew 1:1Play this
24511/24/2013Gerry DavisonRevelation 5Play this
24411/17/2013Ward CowieLuke 8:22-25Play this
24311/10/2013Ward CowieLuke 7:18-23Play this
24211/03/2013Ward CowieLuke 8:40-56Play this
24110/27/2013Ward CowieLuke 7:36-50Play this
24010/20/2013Ward CowieLuke 7:1-10Play this
23910/13/2013Mark TubbsMatthew 5:1-12; (Thanksgiving Sunday)Play this
23810/06/2013Colin Godwin (President of Carey)Matthew 4:18-25Play this
23709/29/2013Ward CowieMatthew 4:12-17Play this
23609/22/2013Ward CowieMatthew 4; Temptation 3Play this
23509/15/2013Ward CowieMatthew 4; Temptation 2Play this
23409/08/2013Ward CowieMatthew 4; Temptation 1Play this
23309/08/2013Stephanie Peters1 Samuel 13:1-15Play this
23208/25/2013Ward Cowie1 Samuel 8:1-22Play this
23108/18/2013Ward Cowie1 Samuel 6:19-7:19Play this
23008/11/2013Ward Cowie1 Samuel 6:1-18Play this
22908/04/2013Ward Cowie1 Samuel 5:1-12Play this
22807/28/2013Stephanie Peters1 Samuel 4:12-22Play this
22707/21/2013Stephanie Peters1 Samuel 4:1-11Play this
22607/14/2013Ward Cowie1 Samuel 3:1-21Play this
22507/07/2013Ward Cowie1 Samuel 2:12-17; 22-36Play this
22406/30/2013Ward Cowie1 Samuel 2:1-11; 18-21Play this
22306/23/2013Ward Cowie1 Samuel 1:1-28Play this
22206/16/2013Mark FoxFather's DayPlay this
22106/09/2013Mark FoxActs 4:32-5:42Play this
22006/02/2013Mark FoxActs 3:1-4:31Play this
21905/26/2013Ward CowieMark 1:1-11Play this
21805/19/2013Ward CowieActs 2:47bPlay this
21705/12/2013Stephanie Peters2 Timothy 1:3-7Play this
21605/05/2013Ward CowieActs 2:47aPlay this
21504/28/2013Ward CowieActs 2:46Play this
21404/21/2013Ward CowieActs 2:44-45Play this
21304/14/2013Ward CowieActs 2:43Play this
21204/07/2013Ward Cowie with Paul & Christa SchoeberActs 2:42Play this
21103/31/2013Ward CowieMalachi 4:1-6; Easter SundayPlay this
21003/24/2013Ward CowieMalachi 3:16-18; Palm SundayPlay this
20903/17/2013Stephanie PetersMalachi 3:6-15; Lent 5Play this
20803/10/2013Kurt KriegerMalachi 2:17-3:5; Lent 4Play this
20703/03/2013Ward CowieMalachi 2:10-16; Lent 3Play this
20602/24/2013Ward CowieMalachi 2:1-9; Lent 2Play this
20502/17/2013Ward CowieMalachi 1:1-14; Lent 1Play this
20402/10/2013Simeon ElibaccusTransfiguration SundayPlay this
20302/03/2013Axel SchoeberPlay this
20201/27/2013Ward CowieJohn 1:35-51; “nots #4”Play this
20101/20/2013Ward CowieJohn 1:29-34; “nots #3”Play this