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IDDateSpeakerTitle and ReferenceLink
15001/22/2012Ward Cowie2 Timothy 3:10-17Play this
14901/15/2012Ward Cowie2 Timothy 2:14-19Play this
14801/08/2012Ward Cowie2 Timothy 1:8-18; BaptismsPlay this
14701/01/2012Ward Cowie2 Timothy 1:1-7; Authority & PowerPlay this
14612/25/2011Ward CowieLuke 1-57-80Play this
14512/24/2011Stephanie PetersChristmas Eve Family ServicePlay this
14412/18/2011Ward CowieLuke 1:46-56; Love Advent #4Play this
14312/11/2011Ward CowieLuke 1:39-45; Joy Advent #3Play this
14212/04/2011Ward CowieLuke 1:26-38; Peace Advent #2Play this
14111/27/2011Ward CowieLuke 1:5-25; Hope Advent #1Play this
14011/20/2011Wayne MorganChrist the King SundayPlay this
13911/13/2011Ward CowieJohn 15:1-17; “the True Vine”Play this
13811/06/2011Stephanie PetersJohn 14: 18-31; (Youth Sunday)Play this
13710/30/2011Ward CowieJohn 14:1-14; “the Way, the Truth, the Life”Play this
13610/23/2011Ward CowieJohn 11:17-44; “the Resurrection & the Life”Play this
13510/16/2011Ward CowieJohn 10:1-21; “the Good Shepherd”Play this
13410/09/2011Kurt KriegerPsalm 100; Thanksgiving SundayPlay this
13310/02/2011Simeon ElibaccusJohn 8:12-20; “the Light of the World”Play this
13209/25/2011Ward CowieJohn 6:22-40; “the Bread of Life”Play this
13109/18/2011Ward CowieJohn 1:35-51; “the Messiah”Play this
13009/11/2011Ward CowieJohn 1:30-34; “the Son of God”Play this
12909/04/2011Ward CowieJohn 1:19-29; “the Lamb of God”Play this
12808/28/2011Ward Cowie1 Cor. 10:14-22; Lord’s Supper - Orthodox [mystery]Play this
12708/21/2011Ward Cowie1 Cor. 11:26-34; Lord’s Supper - Reformed [Holy Spirit]Play this
12608/14/2011Ward Cowie1 Cor. 11:24-25; Lord’s Supper - R. Catholic [sacrifice]Play this
12508/07/2011Ward Cowie1 Cor. 11:17-23; Lord’s Supper - Free Church [history]Play this
12407/31/2011Bev KriegerPsalm 139:13-24Play this
12307/24/2011Gary ParrettPsalm 131Play this
12207/17/2011Adrian Van LooPsalm 139:1-12Play this
12107/10/2011Ward CowieDeuteronomy 6:10-25Play this
12007/03/2011Ward CowieDeuteronomy 6:1-9Play this
11906/26/2011Ward Cowie10th CommandmentPlay this
11806/19/2011Tom LavignePsalm 103; Trinity Sunday Father’s DayPlay this
11706/12/2011Ward CowiePsalm 84; Youth / Kids Club SundayPlay this
11606/05/2011Ward Cowie9th CommandmentPlay this
11505/29/2011Ward Cowie8th CommandmentPlay this
11405/22/2011Ward Cowie7th CommandmentPlay this
11305/15/2011Ward Cowie6th CommandmentPlay this
11205/08/2011Kurt Krieger5th CommandmentPlay this
11105/01/2011Ward CowieJohn 20:19-23Play this
11004/24/2011Ward CowieJohn 20:11-18Play this
10904/17/2011Grant HillJohn 12:12-19Play this
10804/10/2011Simeon Elibaccus4th CommandmentPlay this
10704/03/2011Ward Cowie3rd CommandmentPlay this
10603/27/2011Ward Cowie2nd CommandmentPlay this
10503/20/2011Ward Cowie1st CommandmentPlay this
10403/13/2011Ward CowieDeuteronomy 5:1-5Play this
10303/06/2011Ward CowieLuke 9:28-36Play this
10202/27/2011Ward Cowie1 Thessalonians 5:12-28Play this
10102/20/2011Ward Cowie1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11Play this