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IDDateSpeakerTitle and ReferenceLink
5002/28/2010Ward CowieLord's Prayer 2 "Thy Kingdom Come"Play this
4902/21/2010Ward CowieLord's Prayer 1 "Our Father"Play this
4802/14/2010Pete JohnsJeremiah 31:16-37Play this
4702/07/2010Terry BrownJeremiah 29:10-23Play this
4601/31/2010Ward CowieJeremiah 29:1-9Play this
4501/24/2010Ward CowieJeremiah 28Play this
4401/17/2010Ward CowieJeremiah 26Play this
4301/10/2010Ward CowieLuke 3:21-23Play this
4201/03/2010Ward CowieLuke 3:1-20Play this
4112/27/2009Pete JohnsLuke 2:41-52Play this
4012/20/2009Gary ParrettLuke 2:22-35; LovePlay this
3912/13/2009Ward CowieLuke 2:15-21; JoyPlay this
3812/06/2009Ward CowieLuke 2:8-14; PeacePlay this
3711/29/2009Ward CowieLuke 2:1-7; HopePlay this
3611/22/2009Kurt KriegerEphesians 2:8-10Play this
3511/15/2009Ward CowieEphesians 2:1-7Play this
3411/08/2009Kevin PentlandI Am No Longer A Nice PersonPlay this
3311/01/2009Ward CowieJudges 8:22-35Play this
3210/25/2009Rodger ChampagneIsaiah 40Play this
3110/18/2009Pete JohnsJob 38Play this
3010/11/2009Ward Cowie1 Samuel 25Play this
2910/04/2009Ward CowieJudges 8:1-21Play this
2809/27/2009Ward CowieJudges 7:1-25Play this
2709/20/2009Ward CowieJudges 6:25-40Play this
2609/13/2009Ward CowieJudges 6:1-24Play this
2509/06/2009Ward CowieJudges 2:6-3:6Play this
2408/30/2009Ward CowieRomans 16:1-27Play this
2308/23/2009Ward CowieRomans 15Play this
2208/16/2009Ward CowieRomans 15Play this
2108/09/2009Pete JohnsJohn 4Play this
2008/02/2009Ward CowieRomans 15Play this
1907/26/2009Ward CowieRomans 14:19-15:6Play this
1807/19/2009Axel SchoeberActs 12:1-19; A Story of RestorationPlay this
1707/12/2009Ward CowieActs 2:46-47Play this
1607/12/2009Kurt KriegerActs 2:44-45Play this
1506/28/2009Ward CowieActs 2:42-43Play this
1406/21/2009Ward CowieActs 2:37-41Play this
1306/14/2009Ward CowieActs 2:22-36Play this
1206/07/2009Ward CowieActs 2:14-21Play this
1105/31/2009Ward CowieActs 2:1-13Play this
1005/24/2009Pete JohnsMatthew 28:18-20; I Will Go!Play this
905/17/2009Larry SchramJames 5:13-15; Are You A Real Fan?Play this
805/10/2009Ward CowieActs 1:12-26Play this
705/03/2009Ward CowieActs 1:4-11Play this
604/26/2009Ward CowieActs 1:1-3Play this
504/19/2009Adrian Van LooPlay this
404/12/2009Ward CowiePsalm 134Play this
304/05/2009Ward CowiePsalm 132Play this
203/29/2009Ward CowiePsalm 131Play this
103/22/2009Ward CowiePsalm 130Play this