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IDDateSpeakerTitle and ReferenceLink
45009/17/2017Doug LiaoPlay this
44909/10/2017Play this
44809/03/2017Play this
44708/27/2017Doug Liao1 Samuel 23:14-18Play this
44608/20/2017Doug Liao1 Samuel 20:24-42Play this
44508/13/2017Doug Liao1 Samuel 20:1-23Play this
44408/06/2017Doug Liao1 Samuel 19:1-7Play this
44307/30/2017George SearsJames 4:1-10Play this
44207/23/2017Doug Liao1 Samuel 18:1-5Play this
44107/16/2017Doug Liao1 Samuel 14:24-46Play this
44007/09/2017Doug Liao1 Samuel 14:1-23Play this
43907/02/2017Doug LiaoPlay this
43806/25/2017Darrell JohnsonI Will Make You Clean Play this
43706/18/2017Ward CowiePlay this
43606/11/2017Ward CowiePlay this
43506/04/2017Ward CowiePlay this
43405/28/2017Ward CowiePlay this
43305/21/2017Play this
43205/14/2017Doug LiaoColossians 1:9-14Play this
43105/07/2017Doug LiaoColossians 1:1-8Play this
43004/30/2017Ward CowieLuke 24:36-49Play this
42904/23/2017Ward CowieLuke 24:28-35Play this
42804/16/2017Ward CowieLuke 24:13-27Play this
42704/09/2017Axel SchoeberMatthew 21:1-11Play this
42604/02/2017Doug LiaoZechariah 14:1-9Play this
42503/26/2017Doug LiaoZechariah 13:7-9Play this
42403/19/2017Doug LiaoZechariah 12:10-13:1Play this
42303/12/2017Doug LiaoZechariah 11:4-17Play this
42205/03/2017Doug LiaoZechariah 9:9-17Play this
42102/26/2017Ward CowieJohn 4:39-42Play this
42002/19/2017Ward CowieJohn 4:31-38Play this
41902/12/2017Ward CowieJohn 4:27-30Play this
41802/05/2017Doug LiaoSong of Songs Part 2Play this
41701/29/2017Doug LiaoSong of Songs Part 1Play this
41601/22/2017Linda HieplerHebrew 12:1-2Play this
41501/15/2017Ward CowieJohn 4:16-26Play this
41401/08/2017Ward CowieJohn:4:10-15Play this
41301/01/2017Ward CowieJohn:4:1-9Play this
41212/25/2016Ward CowieLuke 2:51-52Play this
41112/18/2016Doug LiaoLuke 2:41-50Play this
41012/11/2016Doug LiaoLuke 2:36-40Play this
40912/04/2016Ward CowieLuke 2:21-35Play this
40811/27/2016Ward CowieLuke 2:1-20Play this
40711/20/2016Doug LiaoMatthew 25:31-46Play this
40611/13/2016Doug LiaoPhilippians 4:18Play this
40511/06/2016Doug LiaoPhilippians 2:17Play this
40410/30/2016Doug LiaoRomans 12:1Play this
40310/23/2016Ward CowieHebrews 13:16Play this
40210/16/2016Ward CowieHebrews 13:15Play this
40110/09/2016Ward CowieLeviticus 7:11-15Play this