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IDDateSpeakerTitle and ReferenceLink
20001/13/2013Ward CowieJohn 1:19-28; “nots #2”Play this
19901/06/2013Ward CowieJohn 1:1-18; “nots #1”Play this
19812/30/2012Stephanie PetersLuke 2:42-52Play this
19712/24/2012Ward CowieThe Hobbit and The Wise MenPlay this
19612/23/2012Ward CowieLuke 2:22-23Play this
19512/16/2012Ward CowieLuke 2:15-21Play this
19412/09/2012Ward CowieLuke 2:8-14; God stays closed to the marginalPlay this
19312/02/2012Ward CowieLuke 2:1-7Play this
19211/25/2012Ward CowiePhilippians 2:1-11Play this
19111/18/2012Rob OgilviePlay this
19011/11/2012Mark FoxPlay this
18911/04/2012Stephanie PetersYouth SundayPlay this
18810/28/2012Ward CowieRevelation 3; LaodiceaPlay this
18710/21/2012Ward CowieRevelation 3; PhiladelphiaPlay this
18610/14/2012Stephanie PetersRevelation 3; SardisPlay this
18510/07/2012Ward CowiePsalm 104; Thanksgiving SundayPlay this
18409/30/2012Ward CowieRevelation 2; ThyatiraPlay this
18309/23/2012Ward CowieRevelation 2; PergamumPlay this
18209/16/2012Ward CowieRevelation 2; SmyrnaPlay this
18109/09/2012Ward CowieRevelation 2; EphesusPlay this
18009/02/2012Ward CowieRevelation 1; PatmosPlay this
17908/26/2012Ward CowieLuke 3:15-18, Acts 19:1-20; Baptism in the Holy SpiritPlay this
17808/19/2012Ward Cowie1 Cor 12:12-13; Baptism by the Spirit into the Body of ChristPlay this
17708/12/2012Kurt KriegerRomans 6:1-14; Baptism into resurrection lifePlay this
17608/05/2012Ward CowieMatt 28:16-20; Baptism as the first step of discipleshipPlay this
17507/29/2012Gerry Davison1 Corinthians 13:8-13Play this
17407/22/2012Mark Fox1 Corinthians 13:4-7Play this
17307/08/2012George SearsRomans 9; Let God be GodPlay this
17207/01/2012Ward CowieDaniel 9Play this
17106/24/2012Ward CowieDaniel 7Play this
17006/17/2012Rupert NeilHebrews 12:1-3; Zambia SundayPlay this
16906/10/2012Stephanie PetersYouth / Kids Club SundayPlay this
16806/03/2012Paul CarlinesCBMPlay this
16705/27/2012Ward CowieDaniel 6Play this
16605/20/2012Ward CowieDaniel 5; Release to differentiatePlay this
16505/13/2012Ward CowieMothers' DayPlay this
16405/06/2012Ward CowieDaniel 4; Released to humbleatePlay this
16304/29/2012Ward CowieDaniel 3; Released to not cooperatePlay this
16204/22/2012Ward CowieDaniel 2; Released to abdicatePlay this
16104/15/2012Ward CowieDaniel 1; Released to deviatePlay this
16004/8/2012Ward Cowie1 Corinthians 15:1-20Play this
15904/01/2012Ward CowieMatthew 21:1-17; Fear of changePlay this
15803/25/2012Ward CowieExodus 16:1-36; Fear of blessingPlay this
15703/18/2012Ward Cowie1 John 1; Fear of judgementPlay this
15603/04/2012Ward CowiePsalm 9, 10; Fear of manPlay this
15502/26/2012Simeon ElibaccusMatt 25:31-46; Sheep/Goats, Zambia SundayPlay this
15402/19/2012Stephanie PetersMark 9:2-9Play this
15302/12/2012Kurt Krieger2 Corinthians 4:1-7Play this
15202/05/2012guest preacher2 Timothy 4:9-22Play this
15101/29/2012Ward Cowie2 Timothy 4:1-8Play this